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most of these songs will be re-recorded and
re-released for a full length album due out early on in 2015.

album recorded (march 25 - 2014) in one afternoon at robert's grandmother's house by josh campbell.

mixed & mastered by josh campbell.

community records release #044

all songs by all people

"conversations" written with ryan leavelle


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released April 22, 2014


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Track Name: 2014 TOUR DEMOS
father figure on the wall. wouldn't you like to see them all? i've tried to make it work so many times, but i can't seem to make it work out right. when doubt creeps in, you can never, you can never win. can't see your own face, hidden behind the walls that you create, visions of failure, lined up 10 feet tall, in order to conquer them, you must address them all. don't let the thoughts build a nest, or else you won't get rest, i will make the best of this, i will make the best of this. // i'm like the book that you never finished, you put me down, you put me away, chapters open, words unwritten, literature wasn't what you wanted it to say. i tried to make it work and you turned the page, i've got one thing, yea you've got to listen. i never, i never wanted it this way xxxxxx. tattered corners, yea i'm busted at the seems, put on the shelf, collecting the gray, layers of forgotten memories, a new story for some one else to read. // testing me x testing me x testing me x not how this ends, not how this. monetary arrangements x monetary arrangements - nothing to do with this. i will remain patient, i will find a way, i will remain patient, i am not afraid. these dreams will be answered these dreams will be x testing me x destroy you. i will see through this, i will see this through / LOVE IS THE ANSWER LOVE IS THE WAY / LET'S START TODAY // if you got something to say to the world. with no medium to say it. how bout we put together a band? and then we can play it. this mind has some power. held back by barbed wire. are you ready to put it to use? come with me, we'll have some great conversations with some great people. are you ready? are you ready to put it to use? decipher. a message withholding. a fire. the future unfolding. get up! get up! wake up! come on! come on! wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up! get up get up are you ready to put it to use? put it to use! we'll have some great conversations with some great people. withdraw. dissect. i will connect in time.

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