Drinking Seawater

by Cement Matters

Again 02:36
I'm scribbling memos for young generations, To learn from my mistakes. Until I become the hero, until I whisk them all away. For all the troubled drivers, aching hearts and jealous lungs, I'll be your nevermore companion, Your latest favourite, broken record. I've been saving pointless cravings, Please teach me to stop caring. Fragile knees will crumble and sleep, Again and again. Assailants of mine will gather and dine, And discuss defeated love. Are we supposed to share or be chopped down and expect to grow? For all other occasions, I'll get stung and still be yours. I'm not a cynical persuader, I'll be deflated and still want more.
Blunt Knife 03:19
Tracy said she had to go, She squeezed my hand but that was not enough. These burning street lights blister soles, Attracting lovers like two naive moths. Can't you see that there's no other way, With fifteen hours on repeat? She said she'd send it in the post, That's what she said the most, Then soon she dissolved, No, it's never enough. A blunt knife won't cut through these ribbons of woes, You'll find the warmest of smiles in about seventeen miles, Where the soft, sweet caress of two lungs in debt will now wait. No fractures to bones means that I'm not alone, Run the water for longer, I can still feel my toes. Patience will trip over regret again and again, No, It's never enough. If I sing you these words will we soon drift away?
My compulsion to lie will take me higher, And lift me away from here. I don't know if you can hydrate hate, But I will grow translucent fears. And sell them to strangers so I won't have to face, Spitting out promises and leaving a trace. I lie all the time. The thugs of forgiveness in my head, Corrupt and recruit new friends. You refuse to fall for my hazardous charm, But that's okay, I'll move on to the next one. See me alone, See me alone, I probably learnt my lesson, But you will never know.
Can't 03:51
I don't know, When my baby will come home. I don't know, If I'll ever see her soon. Because skin wears thin, And the wounds heal, I know it won't happen that soon. I can't say it anymore, If you break it in two, words will crumble for you, And my heart backs down. I can't say it anymore. When you know, You can sing for your sorrows, You will know, That the pain lasts tomorrow. I miss you so, When I know it is done. I know broken pieces won't fit. When the tide rises up and it's never enough, To wash it away, and I feel and I pray. For I'm just a man, I've got tears just like yours, No worries, I'm tired and alone.
Sediment 02:42
You were my friend, you were a love, You were the one that fed my drive. Five finger debt and dull cigarettes, We owned the world. Vagrant vessels, liars, cheats and dogs, I've sifted through darkness for seven days strong. If I would've known, I would've stapled my lungs, Thumbed through Simone's catalogue and not sung along. Concave critics queue to discuss, What separates romance from lust? Aging wisdom drags this lake, He says, "I haven't found nothing yet, But I will forge better bait." To bathe, to feed, to shudder, To tear off clothes, repeat, recover. I refuse to forget, I'll stay inside and feed regret. You don't know what I have lost, We're all the same, I have learnt that much. I will obey and fade away. Remember those long walks.
Come gather gold and silver parcels, Bury three feet holes and pray for thunder. Scurry towards the plastic neon rays, Feel these seconds turn into days. Kiss my skin and warm my bones, We will sell our secrets until we get old, To fuel non-fiction finance woes. Hold my hand and check for vital signs, Taste sweet venom, start up again. House fire heat will keep me warm, This black lagoon will sooth my qualms. I heard it's each to their own, No more questions, fewer solved. I am your one and all. Stewart was raised on violence, In a chemical world that spouts out kindness. We will crash and yearn, To wipe our mouths on satin shirts. I will be Jack and you will be nimble, Skim these stones and watch them sink, To magazine depths and polythene dresses. Must my paper qualifications burn? My disguise won't lie.
Bruised myself today, Kiss my forehead, make me stay. It's not getting easier, We were two beats too late. And I've been told what I could have been, Six feet forward and three left to win. No I haven't said too much. Won't you tell me where I belong? Drinking seawater keeps me stable, I've been spouting fibs and fables. Not a question of self-confession. Pronouns quarrel in the midnight heat, Have we met before, were there soles / souls on your feet? I don't mind if we fall behind.
I will wait at the top where the angels, Where the barren land lies awake. You won't hold me no more when the lions roar, Truth be told whispers will grow and grow. And I will wait, In barbed wire chains. You were more in my eyes, But still I won't question why. Wish I had what you want. But I know it can never be bought. We will reap and we will sow. I have told you before, You don't know me for sure. Drag me under, drag me under.
Brittle feelings, cold hard dealings, Tugging at my throat. Once was better, twice was never say never, Now I'm told I have to go. If you change your mind, I will not be fine. Tomorrow swarms today, I'd imagine we have all felt this way. When I dealing romantic fevers, I will swallow doubt. Now I sleep on familiar flaws, I will nurture, kneel to naivety. I won't ever know any better.
Skinned my shins today, To hold on. It's been a long time coming. Skinned my shins today, For I was seventeen. Skinned my shins today, And I know it will pay to work for the thumb was brigade.


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Music video for "House Fire Heat"

Hailing from Watford, England, Cement Matters offer up their very own blend of ‘Soul Punk’. Once described as “Like The Clash fronted by Louis Armstrong, but sweatier”, these boys take the Motown sound and partner it with 70s punk energy. They will be playing Block Party 2014 in New Orleans on Sat Oct 25th and touring TX with All People on their way to FEST 13 in Gainesville where they play on Sun, Nov 2.


released October 7, 2014


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