Dry Drowning

by Stuck Lucky

Dry Drowning 02:15


/// First 3 tracks for free digital download at communityrecords.org/releases/


released December 10, 2009

4 jams from our best friends in Nashville, TN. These were recorded by the same gentleman who recorded the Possom Soul full length- Andrija Tokic. The song topics range from living life to the fullest, chasing your bestest friend around the room in a self made game, and electromagnetic frequencies that invade our brains! The 7 inch vinyl is a cool mix of random colors, and it comes with an awesome insert. The insert includes a list of all the kind kind people who donated to help make this record possible!

The first 3 songs of the EP are available for free download, the 4th song is available in analog (vinyl) format only. So if you go to a stuck lucky show, or purchase the 7 inch you get that special jam.


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