[i found an] Elephant Ring [and gave it to you]

by Chris Rehm

They All Are 03:00
About Things 10:04


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released May 29, 2012

[i found an] Elephant Ring [and gave it to you]
was written and recorded in Summer/Fall of 2010. Shortly thereafter, my computer and hard drive got stolen, leaving me only with the last bounce I did of the album. After listening to the record a lot and thinking of different directions I could possibly take by building upon the existing version, I decided against any further changes from this new vantage point. After repeated listens, I realized that the content of Elephant Ring focused on a specific time period in my life and it was organized and expressed appropriately, while living the experience out.

This is a bedroom recording, and most of the album is performed on acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, toy keyboards, and different objects used for percussion. The record meanders through pop songs, slowly growing and changing drones, walls of noise and piano miniatures. Like many of my previous albums, Elephant Ring essentially flows seamlessly as one continuous track. Influences for this record include The Microphones/Mt. Eerie, The Fun Years, Stars of The Lid, Grouper, Ravel/Satie/Debussy, and Fennesz – to name a few.


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