I'm Sorry This Scares You

by World's Strongest Man

I. Catching Out As I stand on the edge of the steel porch. I look inward, Our feet feel nice against the cold steel. There is something quite poetic about coming to the end with our feet bare and hands dirty. I know the trestle is approaching at speed. Gazing out upon this serene valley, I have thought about this day my whole life. When I leave it all behind: We wave our hands to an invisible audience; we are flying like birds with clipped wings. The wind caresses my face and we close our eyes. When they open I see soft green grass on rolling hills, horses grazing in fields, endless golden hay, and vivid blue skies. I am home. II. The Farther We Get The Better I can hear the rumble of the diesel giant, the bell softly chiming in the night, and the shrill groan of steel against steel. As the train approaches, my heart and soul fill with anticipation. We climb the ladder and get settled for the night. Another run up the coast, but this time I won't be coming back...
The Wye 05:08
We are a broken race. A world filled with corrupted minds and lost souls. So far gone, so damaged; Irreparably severed from our roots. I want to deny this world but the entanglement of the flesh constantly holds a tight grip upon me. These heart strings sing a song. A sweet melody of hope. You were the torch that set a thousand bodies ablaze. The warmth that overcame me and left so abruptly. I still remember what it meant to feel that way and your fire lives with me although extinguished. In a world of darkness you always brought light. While other flames consumed and swallowed without tribulation, you only gave, until there was nothing left of you to hold. How quickly you were taken by a wind so ruthless. We are all left now with a subtle glow in our hearts from a torch that burned with such intensity. The world had not choice but to bring forth a flood to dampen your soul.
I. Who I Am, Who I Was There is a sickness in all of us. We were born with this. We all see, but our eyes are averted. We all feel, but our minds are clouded. They promise a cure for ailments they created. They promise relief, they promise well-being, they promise you will live... but for how long. How long will you get to thrive in a world of agony before you cost to much to keep plugged in? Just long enough to lose every ounce of hope you had left. II. What Will I Become? Pills, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol. All spoon fed to the masses. Close your eyes, down the hatch. My body is a temple, the only god I pray to. I refuse your "medicine", I refuse your poisons. We are all going to die but I am going out on my own terms.
I. Corrosion and Weakened Joints I've been wearing this mask. Tip-toeing on glass. I bite my tongue and taste the blood travel through my mouth. This is not my true nature. The bitter taste upon my tongue and the grinding of my teeth. To suppress the storm or hold back the winds of change. II. Iron In Our Blood Dirt and Rust, Steel Wheels, Wanderlust, Oh please set me free, if you can hear me, Set me free. This Thunder and Lightning will not scare me. Never again will the threat of death bring fear to my heart. I will greet the end with a warm embrace.


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“The world is filled with people who are no longer needed. And who try to make slaves of all of us. And they have their music and we have ours. Theirs, the wasted songs of a superstitious nightmare. And without their music and ideological miscarriages to compare our songs of freedom to, we'd not have any opposite to compare music with --- and like the drifting wind, hitting against no obstacle, we'd never know its speed, its power....”
― Woody Guthrie


released May 22, 2014

World's Strongest Man - I'm Sorry This Scares You
All music written and produced by Jared and Jordan
Guitar, Bass, Effects, Samples, Lyrics: Jared Scheurer
Drums / Percussion: Jordan Meyers
Violin: Brian Trew
Spoken Word: Jared Scheurer // Andy Tabar // Daniel "Soupy" Campbell

Credits: Drums Recorded at The Talent Farm By Kevin Burns.
Guitars, violin, percussion and Spoken Word Recorded at Adigita Studios by Chad Palmer.
Mixed and Mastered by Jonny Wolfe
Vinyl Mastering by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers
Pressed at United Record Pressing
Community Records Release CR-041


all rights reserved


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